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Coaching2Advance viewpoint on career coaching.

For me career coaching is really about finding your purpose, doing what you love and what comes most natural to you. It takes courage to really work with what you really want to do and not follow the needs of life and others expectations. If you feel you really need a change or want to go after the profession you have always dreamed of then contact me to discuss.


Career coachingprogram


Career coaching is the process used to help you assess your talents and make personal decisions about your career choices and direction. You may already have made your choice and have several years of experience in your field but find that being in a new country poses new challenges that impact on you career choice. The coach pays particular attention to your current situation and will work with you according to where you are in your career and life situation. The career coach uses particular methodologies and methods to help you set clear and SMART goals in line with your career aspirations.


Each session is 50 minutes and you can either invest in a block of 5 meetings or pay per meeting and assess if you need more or not.


CV Service

Do you find that you are not getting the response that you want from prospective employers? Have you sent out number of applications with your CV and had no response? Then it might be worth handing it over to someone who has handled thousands of CV's over the course of their career. The coach can advice you on how to improve your CV and make it more attractive to prospective employers. This is how it works!


Meeting 1. You send the CV ahead of an arranged Skype call. This will give the coach time to read through your CV and prepare for the Skype meeting. The meeting will last for 50 minutes and in that time the coach will give you specific pointers that you can take away and make changes.


Meeting 2. You send you CV with the amendments and discuss whether anything else needs to be done.



Please note; We are not in the business of making changes for the sake of it, so if the coach believes that there are no apparent changes to be made then this will be communicated. Perhaps there might be other factors that stand in the way of your success. If you choose to, you can use the time to explore your job search strategy and check whether your current strategy is the most optimum way of getting into your field.


Interview training

Need help with your interview technique? Want to know the unwritten rules in how to conduct a successful interview? Do you get nervous and find it hard to keep you emotions in check?

This is how it works?


The coach and you will have an initial phone meeting , where the coach will aim to get a sense of the position you want to practice having an interview for. The coach sends you a series of questions that you will need to prepare ahead of a face to face meeting.

The coach and you meet, and you will get to practice having an interview in a real life senario. The coach will give you feedback on how you have answered the questions and give you further opportunity to practice until it feels natural.

This is also your opportunity to ask questions on how to answer difficultt questions.


These meetings must be conducted in person and usually last betweeen 1 - 2 hours.


30 minutes exploratory session!

Find out whether career coaching is for you. Simply email me a request through clicking on the button on the first page. I will call you to book an appointment. Please put in "subject" of your email "Free Coaching Session".